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Being the first professional exhibition of electric heating industry in Asia, Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition (GEHE) launched in 2005 has established a one-stop trading platform for the industry. GEHE has developed into one of the most influential and largest show in the realm of heating element through 11 years development. It is committed to promoting new products...

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International Organizations

National Electrical Manufactures Association

Japanese Electrical Manufacturers'Association

International Institute of Refrigeration

Penang Electrical Merchants'Association 

Danish District Heating Association 

Association for the District Heating of the Czech Republic 

Hong Kong Electrical Appliances Manufacturers Association 

Japan Electric Heater Association 

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers 

Association for Electric Home Appliances 

Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association 

Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association 


Supported by:

Shenzhen Household Appliances Industry Association 

Shenzhen GTOPS Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Industrial and Daily-use Electrical Appliance Institute of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association 

Shunde Home Appliance Chamber of Commerce

Sino-Japan Electric Heater Co., Ltd.

Zhenjiang Dongfang Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Kawai Electric Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Shunfa Electric Heating Material Co., Ltd. 

Gaoyao Jintian Electric Heating Product Co., Ltd.

Tiazhou Shanfeng Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. 

Jinjiang Heating Element Co., Ltd

Zoppas Industries Hangzhou Ltd. 

Shenzhen Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhaoqing Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd.

Watlow Group

Headway Electric Heat Components Co., Ltd. 

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation 

China National Petroleum Corporation 

China National Offshore Oil Corporation 


A.Y.T Electric Factory

Anhui Huarui Electric Co.,Ltd

B.K.Z International (H.K)Enterprise Ltd

Changzhou Qiangyen Electric Heating Electrical Equipment Factory 

Chongqing Ruisi Electric Co.,Ltd 

Crystal Elecdesign Co.,Ltd

Dashiqiao City Yi Jin Magnesia Special Materials Plant

Dashiqiao Jiashun Magnesium Products Co., Ltd

Dashiqiao Meir Magnesium Products Co., ltd

Donggang Zaiyou Electric Heat Co.,Ltd

Dongguan City Longkey Electronic Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Deming Instrument Co. Ltd 

Dongguan Lihua Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd

Dongguan Lisheng Special Ceramic Hardware Factory

Dongguan Longyang Electric Science & Technology Co.,Ltd 

Dongguan Shengyi Terminal Products Ltd

Dongke Far-Infrared Electric Heating Product Factory 

Dongqiu Hot Runner System Electric Meter Factory

Dongtai Gaoxin Electric Wire Factory

Dongtai Tianbao Far-Infrared Element Factory 

Foshan Chancheng Hengxing Hardware Co.,Ltd

Foshan Fenglang Stainless Steel Product Co., Ltd.

Foshan Jianyin Electrical Heating Materials Co.,Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Juncheng Electric Appliance Factory


Foshan Sanshui Baiyunshan Electric Heating Appliance Co.,Ltd

Foshan Shunde Kaishunda Tubular Electric Heating Element Co.,Ltd

Foshan Tianpeng Thermostats Co., Ltd

Fujian Futian Feida Stainless Steel Machine Factory 

Fuzhou Wonder Electric Co.,Ltd

Gaoke Electrical Heating Mechine(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Gongguan Jingyi Electric Heating Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Changjiang Electric Appliance Factory

Guangdong Raoping County Haopai Electronic Factory 

Guangzhou Baoda Product Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Chengli Electric Heating Factory

Guangzhou Deye Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jinye Electric Heaterco.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Kanglong Electron Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Mingsheng Electric Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Shi Chao special ceramic manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Shichao Ceramics-For- Special-Purpose Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Xingda Electric Appliance Factory

Guangzhou Yisitong Electric Instrument Factory  

Haiyan Compro Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd

Huadong Instrument & Meter Factory Yueqing

Jiangmen Honghui Electrical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Baoying Antai Electric Heating Factory 

Jiangsu Hai’an Shuanglin Mechinary Technical Ltd

Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Electric Co., Ltd.

Jilin Shenzhou Carbon Fibre Co.Ltd

Jinke Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd

Jinlong Machinery & Heating Element Co.Ltd

Large quartz products Co., Ltd

Leqing Haishi Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Jasmine Electronics Co., Ltd

Ningbo Sunbow Die Casting & Product Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai Shibiwei Electric Machine Co.,LTD

Shengzhen Longfengsheng Co.Ltd

Shengzhen Longfengsheng Machinemanufacture Co.Ltd

Shengzhen Yatai Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen ALI Rubber Co.,Ltd


Shenzhen Baolixiang Alloy Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Changlongsheng Mechanical&Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd


Shenzhen Emerson Electric Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Fulianda Rubber Production Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Instrument&Control Society 

Shenzhen Jinhongda Heater Factory

Shenzhen Jintian Electric Heating Product Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen JTB Heater Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Tongli Mechinary Technical Ltd

Shenzhen Unica Heater 

Shenzhen Youliangjia Product Co., Ltd

ShenzhenTechnology Co., Ltd 

Shenzhen-Xingtai Electrothermal Electric Company

Shunde Kailing Electrics Heating Mater Co.,Ltd

Shunde Zhongbao Thermostat Co., Ltd.

Sinake Hot Runner Co., Ltd.

Sino-Japan Electric Heater Co.,Ltd

Suyang Hongda Silicone Rubber Factory

Taizhou Broad Electrical Co., Ltd

Taizhou Hechuang Electric Co.,Ltd

Tongli Mechanical Factory 

Torbos Advanced Ceramics LTD

Tri-Tech Electric Heat Products Factory

Vanguard Electronic Components Factory 

Well Ascent Development Limited

Wenzhou Heli Automatic Meter Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Baidu Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Zhuri Science And Technology Co., Ltd

Xinghua Outrunner Electrical Appliance  Co.,Ltd

Yancheng Huakang Electric Insulating Materials Plant  

Yangzhong Sanhuan Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yingkou Sanhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

Yingkou Xintai Electric Material Co., Ltd

Yixing Co.,Ltd

Yixing Fengfeng Ceramics Co.,Ltd 

Yongshun Home Hardware Electric Bar Factory

Yucheng Heater Factory 

Yuehai Electric Equipment Factory

Yxing Xingchang Electric Ceramic Research Institute

Zhaoqing Wankun Ceramic Appliances Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Hengnew Mechanical & Electrcal Equipment Co.,Ltd


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